Interest of Rodney Steven

Only very few people are interested in health and fitness. Majority of the people are not caring about it and they just focus on the temporary happiness such as the taste of food and luxury.  It is nothing wrong but only focusing on such things will make them to face the consequences in the form of health related problems. When they burn those calories that are excessively stored in their body, then there is no need to worry about the consequences.  It can be achieved with the aid of the fitness exercises and the diet control. This is realized by very people. In this article,  let us focus on the details of a person who is interested in fitness a lot and the interest made him a successful entrepreneur in the same field. Do you wish to know who he is?  Then you should read the article ahead.


Rodney Steven is the one we are talking about here. He is none other than the president of famous health centre, genesis health clubs. He is not only interested in the health centre business and also he is the active person who won the tennis scholarship. The main success that he gained out of his health club centre is that he had success in opening the branches of his club centre in forty one locations and providing the endless fitness solutions to many people daily. Since he is very interested in fitness and health there is no wonder about his interest on tennis, hockey, etc. as evidence we can notice that he is the co-owner of the Wichita Thunder, Allen Americans and Tulsa Oiler Hockey teams.

Also he maintains the Steven Brothers Sports managements along with his brother Brandon Steven.  In addition to these, he has added his business list with some car slots. They can be mentioned as Brandon Steven Motors, Eddy’s Toyota, etc. this is accompanied by his brother Brandon Steven. This shows his original interest and the passion on fitness and the sports. Since he followed his passion, he has gained the expected success in his professional life which is his interest too.

There are lots of blogs and information available on the internet regarding him. So if you are interested in knowing him better, you can search on the internet and find out the new information regarding him and his achievements in his business.