With a large audience of various social media accounts, every marketer aims to make posts go viral. Virality helps people recognize the brand and build brand identity within the social noise. You can publish and share anything there, and maybe they’ll get viral photos such as yeti butting which be a challenge for college girls today.

However, making your post go viral is easier said than done. Every day publishes over 70 million photos on Instagram. Just a big image and random hashtags never get your viral function the way you want it.

Making posts on social media go viral is hard but with certain rules, you can increase the chance your post to go viral.

  1. Create A Proper Account

Make sure that you have a good and strong social media account when you plan to promote your products online. Business accounts work better if you enhance brand or business. Full profile of yoursocial media account necessary if you want to make the best out of your account. Include a good picture or your company logo with a strong message. Such as yetibutt account only show yeti butting picture on Instagram.

yeti butting

  1. Using the Proper Hashtags

Hashtags important role when you want to make a special post viral. Hashtags help to find something quickly. For example, if you want to deploy an image ad on Christmas display, you can use the hashtag #christmas2015, #christmas2015countdown, etc. to allow your audience to find your post.

  1. The link with the influencers

Affecting prominent role in making your daily posts go viral. Influencers who are strong have a particular word in social media networks. It is thus necessary to connect and establish contacts with influential people.

  1. Customer Focus

Customers and followers are the main promoters. Reach target audience make or break your post go viral. Thus, when you create and publish photo, make sure you create something like your audience. Your post just go viral if a photo or video appreciated by your audience.

  1. Include Fun

Posting fun photos or create games attracts a lot of attention in social media. If you are promoting a product, you can post the part of the product as a job and ask your audience to guess what it is. This would not only create virality but real curiosity among the public, as well as a chance to show their knowledge in social media. Logo competition writing is also a great way to boost attendance.