New era of smoking has been discovered and people are going crazy about it

There’s a new term in world of smoking and that is vaping. We know in terms of smoking people are exhaling as well inhaling tobacco or more precisely nicotinic substances. But here comes the term vaping and according to the technical definition it can be expressed as the act of inhaling water vapor through a personal vaporizer ( the vape is the smoke of the tobacco free version of the traditional cigarette). Vaping is an alternative term of smoking. So precisely it can be explained that the term vaping has been given to the use of a vaporizer. Such process involves applying heat to a liquid which generates vapour. But in turn we don’t use the word smoking as there’s no use of traditional smoke.

Definition of the term e liquid

E liquid is a fluid that fuels up the e cigarette. It is the main solution which provides the traditional smoking experience as well as imparts the flavouring to the user.

Ingredients of an e liquid

E liquid contains an array if different flavours. Most of such flavours are nicotine free. But for some who likes to vape nicotine, such flavor is also available. There are five different strengthen of e liquids are available. Depending upon how many cigarettes you used to smoke accordingly you can use e cigarette. Like for example a smoker who used to consume a pack and a half of e cigarette need to use 15 ml or so approximately in a week. Well the strength of e liquid are as follows if you need vaping just for enjoying purpose then you can use the strength level of 0. While for extra light vaping strength level of 8 will be suitable for the vapors. For light vaping experience use the strength level 12 and for medium vaping experience use the strength level 18. Hence fret not. If you are a chain smoker and need extra strong or high-level of smoking experience use the high strength level of 24.

The base ingredient of a e liquid contains propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. For best and smoothing vaping experience use the combined level of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. It imparts unique and satisfying experience. Also the blend of such ingredients is 100% non toxic and safe for health. So choose your favorite flavor and give up smoking to experience the same without any health hazards.